uhhhh yea so i was jsut playing and my gcb-95f cry baby randomly stops working?? its less then a month old and has been kept in goof shape? any ideas why it wont work? any way i can fix it? (sry if this is in the wrong forum im pissed and dont feel like searching for the right one)
new batteries
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maybe the wall unit is dead, or maybe the 9v converter thingy is a pos, or maybe your a ****tard
You...are using it right, aren't you? When I was just starting, I didn't realize the footswitch on my Dunlop, and I got all confused. Then I stomped on it and it started working, so I figured it out.

Nevertheless, take it to a professional or something.
When you activate the switch do you still get sound or does it cut out ?

In other words, if the switch is off you get sound but when you turn it on it cuts out ? Or do you get sound either way it just isn't adding the effect when it's on ?
When you hit the switch, it just kills the wah. So when it's turned on, it just adds the effect, like a normal effects pedal.
dont ask here, noone who posts in the Pit actually plays guitar
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Quote by kword_jones
i get sound but when i pump the pedal i get no wah

Then either the pot is broken or you're not switching it on (if you've been using the wah for ages and know how to turn it on / off then obviously it's not the latter, but if it's a new pedal and you haven't gotten used to the switch then it can be a bit finicky).

If it were a problem with the power supply the sound would cut out completely when you switch it on but you'd get sound when it's off. That's what happens when mine comes unplugged anyway (same model).