I think my band sounds good but we need a name. Weve been practicing for about 6 months now and are into bands like sum 41 and blink 182. I would like if someone helped us out w/ the band name. We are like sum 41 in many ways. It would be really kool if u guys can just get me ideas for a band cause ppl are like "dude wats the bands name" and it pisses me off when i say we cant think of a band name. Thanks and dont forget to rock out w/ ur cok out!
yeah i love just going into a crazy drum solo right in the middle of practice. my band is stupid they wont reccord cause they think we arent ready yet and we've been practicing 4 6 months and wrote around 7 songs, We'll try to get something reccorded cause thats somethin else i hate when ppl ask if we have anything for them to listen 2 and i have to tell them no.

u guys are really good. like the guitarist and drummer. singer is good 2. yet another thing wrong w/ my band is we broke all our mics so we have nothing to sing into and its gettin really annoying. we have alot of things wrong w/ my band. but u guys are really good.

w/ my band name....we were thinking about going w/ red rock or something along the lines of that. thanks.