I am tempted to buy a TS-808... however, i don't live anywhere near a music store so i can't try one out. i recently bought a keeley mod bd-2 and really enjoy it with my Fender Blues Jr.

Should i get a ts-808? how is the sound compared to the bd-2? suppose i just wanted to use my amp's natural OD and use a pedal as a boost, which would you recommend?

basically, does the bd-2 do the same as a ts-808? do i need 2 or can 1 do the job of both?
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you should be fine with your modded BD-2 really unless youre unhappy with it, then you might want to look at a ts-808.
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you can get plain booster pedals for a whole lot cheaper than a TS808, and that would do the same thing.
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i gotta nother route for you
feel like modding? probably not if you bought a keeley
if your daring you can get a TS9 for alot less
you can mod it if you dont like the TS9


TS9/TS808 > everything else in the guitar world

ts9 over ts808 is all personal preference but SRV and john mayer use the ts808 for rhythm work and ts9 for solos

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As a certified overdrive nut I say yes. I love having several OD's on my board, not for use at the same time but set for different tones.
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I love the 808, its very transparent
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The BD2 should be able to be used as a boost, and a good one too.

When you mean the amps natural OD, do you mean crank the master, or pre-amp?
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dont forget about the ts-9 turbo, its got an extra knob!!!! sounds awesome with a tube amp.