About half hour ago I was doing my routine warm-ups when after 10 minutes or so I looked at my pick to find it bending from the middle upwards (so when I'm holding it, the bend is towards the ceiling.)

I was just wondering if this is normal (due to thumb heat or whatever ) but I find it slightly odd that it should happen. I'm currently using a medium Fender, that came with my guitar.
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Never happened to me. Do you pick super hard?
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bending without touching the string? probably not...just get another, its like .50...
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Wtf???Have you strained it in any way?I mean thing like,bending it with your hands or sumthing?Maybe you are too hot... ;-) lol...Just try a heavy plectrum...Its better for your wrist and has better control...(Unless you are strumming n stuff like that)
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The Fender Medium pick will bend. I use them all the time for soft acoustic music. Gets a beautiful tone out of it.

And if you play hard enough, they'll break into multiple pieces. (Was playing loud song, when the pick broke in half. Using the larger piece, resumed playing. The pick broke again. xD)

How thick is the pick?
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woah maybe u play so fast that you could melt your pick!!! awesome!! lol

what is your pick? some picks have low durability, i would prefer a dunlop nylon pick hahaha.. or maybe if you want get a bass pick lol.... hehhee

that thing nver happend to me b4
It must be just Fender mediums that do this then. I know I have a really thin pick (came free with a book) and even this doesn't bend.

But thanks for the replies
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2006 sucked anyways!
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I'm pretty sure most picks are supposed to wear out so you have to keep buying them. I break fender picks all the time so I switched to dunlop, which don't break but they still wear out. I have a metal pick from the 80's though that's still perfect, I use it a lot but I don't bring it anywhere cause I don't want to lose it.
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happened to me before. get a thinker pick. problem solved
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