I'm looking for a drummer, bassist, or vocalist for my band in the Plano, Texas area. Im 15 and play a lot of different types of music ranging from classic rock to alternative to metal. I'm on lead guitar and I have a friend on rythem guitar. We're just looking to jam, do some covers, and right a few songs ourselves. Nothing serious. If you're around my age and interested, please pm me.

HAha yessssss death to Emo's too bad u dun need a lead oh well if u kno ne 1 who would like to play Hair metal (dokken,kissEtc.) tell me cuz i wanna start a band!! thnx
i live in allen.

too bad its nothing serious, i would have been willing to play pass (normally play guitar but w/e)
My mom owns a business in allen, heh. I only say its not serious because my rythem guitarist isnt that good. I'd love to be in a serious band, but I'd be happy just to get a couple of friends together and play since I've never really been in a band before.
yeah i am serious about a band i can play exellent rythem and i am getting close to being good at lead and with my lessons soon i will be really good but if u kno any 1 who want's to play 80's hair metal and is serious just note me thnx