Does any one other than John Petrucci know how to play Flight of The Bumblebee!!
The Trans-Siberian Orchestra does. They played it at the show I went to in December
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I'm pretty sure that all the people that wrote tabs for it might be able to play it.
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In band class I saw some Mexican dude play it on a trumpet. It was a video from the '50s or something. It was hardcore, he played long sections without breathing, and was able to circular breath (inhaling and playing at the same time, for those who don't know). He had a heavy accent, but it was still hardcore. I proclaimed him as the EVH of all trumpet players. Sorta like a mix between Slash, EVH, and Randy Rhoads, if that's a suitable comparison of his trumpet skillz to their guitar skillz. But I can't play it...yet. I'll learn it on both instruments, and play them both, but not at the same time, of course.
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Just check it in YouTube..It will be something like:"Me playing Flight of The Bumblebee"...lol
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my friend could play it on piano in like grade 4. it was pretty amazing
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Yeah, Flight Of The Bumblebee really isn't that hard. Its just fast as hell.
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i bought it in sheet music today for 2 pound in a book full of rachmanioff piano transcriptions, so soon i shall be pounding it out on the keys