Hey my neighbors cherry tree fell down awhile ago and i am currently making a guitar and i was wondering how good is cherry wood to use on a guitar i am most likely using it for the body becuase i heard cherry wood is a great wood for a guitar is this true?
I've never heard of a guitar made of cherry, so try it and find out. I think it would make a good tone wood and a nice feeling neck.
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Cherry is very similar to mahogany tonally. Since the tree just fell, it's pretty much green wood and you're going to have to dry it out somehow. If you can find somebody with a kiln, then that's your best bet unless you've got 1-2 years to let the wood air dry out (1 year for every 1"). Also, you're going to have to take it somewhere to get sawn, unless you've got a bandsaw set up for resawing. Pay close attention to how the board is sawn too, generally you'll want quartersawn wood, but flatsawn works too.

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