the vocals were done good. and you did the guitar perfect, and thats saying alot considering the song. i didnt hear a single mistake.

id a appreciate a comment on the cover in my sig.
Excellant. Spot on.

Nothing to crit. Amazing playing.

How long have you been playing for ? What is your gear ?

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have been playing for 5- years
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id a appreciate a comment on the cover in my sig.

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nice dude!! really good! nice tone! recording is done professionally. there is really nothing to crit. no mistakes and all.. so youve been playing for 5 years? then how old are you?



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that is amazing man, sounds note perfect and has a very "Black Mages" sound to it, almost like you have the same tone as them (solo wise)

Solo's were brilliant, awe struck, singing was good, not really my kind of thing, i haven't heard the original but this sounds like a great song man, well done

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=506282 if you get a chance please
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Great job! I'm working on a few Racer X songs myself - BRO, Scarified (all down, just cleaning it up), and Go GG Go. Again, great job. Not too fond of the singing, but great job as well. Keep it up, looking forward to hearing more.
Sweet tone and awesome playing man, I love racer X and you nailed that song. Hey man mind uploading your PODXT patch ??? Thanks

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guitar was awsome but i was blown away by the vocals.i guess thats because where i am from,there really aren't any decent singers so it is nice to hear one on a cover.
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damn that was good. id like to hear more clips
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An amazing cover.
Nothing to crit here.
The vocals are not very similar to Jeff's but they are still awesome.
Reminded me of Candlemass.

Hey check out my racer x cover in my sig, i'd realy apreciate it.
What Musicians Forums? i need a singer to help me haha

But this was a really great Cover. sounded like i was listening to a Professional Touring Band

My advice: Find a Record Label haha