Hey guys, I just have a couple of quick questions. First, what exactly is firewire? Does that eliminate a delay that sometimes occurs when you play something on your guitar and it comes out of the speakers a split second later? That's what happens when I record stuff in Audacity/Sonar- I play something and I don't hear it as soon as I play it, I do a split second later. Also, what do you suggest for recording an acoustic guitar? I know that I obviously would have to mic it, but what kind of interface? I was thinking of an M Audio Firewire Solo... good/bad idea? Thanks.
I personally use Acid DJ. Check the sig for the site if you want to hear the recordings.

It would be ideal if you have good mics and everything going into the computer and everything, I just have a computer mic but I find it works just as well.
i bought the m audio fastrack pro i think its pretty good nearly zero latency not enough youd notice a delay and the sound qualitys good it also has simple smart functions like a knob to turn the volume of what you recordin up or down against the mix to help you hear yourself better while recordin
Preamp just boosts the mic signal.

Audio interface converts the analog signal coming in to a digital signal for the computer.