I'm looking for either changing my pickups in my LP-100 for something a lil.... well, a lot heavier, they're just stocks so yeah you get the idea. Umm, any suggestions on any Seymour Duncans or EMGs? I was thinking maybe the dimebucker, I've heard good things about that, or should I just get a new guitar before I get new pickups?
SD = if you want versitillity
EMG = if you want ONLY heavy/metal tones
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Umm, I play rock, hardcore, punk, a lil bit of everything, but I do like playing clean things as well as heavily distorted.
then i suggest duncans... i dont know much about them from experience but i heard they are very versatile so i suggest u go with the duncans
Quote by TinTin8
SD = if you want versitillity
EMG = if you want ONLY heavy/metal tones

Wrong. You don't know what you're talking about.

I have 81/85s in mine and I still get a very nice clean tone. Try getting an amp that doesn't suck if you think EMGs can't do cleans.


SDs are versitile.

EMGs can be too. EMGs are better for metal in my personal experience.

If you want a good set up (as long as you don't have guitar solos in all of your songs) get 81/60 combo for EMGs. If you do happen to have solos every song, get 81/85
alrighty, so you've got the actives, do they sound the same as passives and how often do you change the battery? And for duncans, anyone played anything with them?