Iwas just wondering if any one has timed them self to do a complete string change on an acoustic (steel string) i'm gonna do two in the morning and fancied a bit of a friendly and HONEST challange
Like 2 mins if u dont tune i dunno tho i never really rush take my time and make sure i do a good job
2 - 2 1/2 ish
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I change them this morning and timed it to know, it took me about 1,30 min to change string and exactly 34 seconds to tune it
haha, my fastest string change on the old acoustic I had was two hours

on my electric however.

Five Minutes
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well i did it in 21mins and 52 seconds all strings and tuned up.
it takes me around 15 minutes i'd estimate because i like to give the fretboard, headstock, and the area near the bridge a good cleaning when i change strings. if for some reason unbeknownst to me, i was just trying to see how quickly i could do it... i'd say maybe 4-5 minutes.
It takes me at least 45 minutes coz I always make sure I allow the strings to stretch out properly before tuning it in
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Yeah it usually takes me around 20-25 but tuning it I can't really say takes any less less an hour because by the time I tune all six once they're all out of tune again.
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i dunno tho i never really rush take my time and make sure i do a good job

what are you doing later?
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Takes me about 15minutes. But i always stop, and play around abit. And then start again. And once i have tuned it for the first time i do some really hard strumming to stretch the strings out a bit. I find when i do a proper job (which takes longer of course) I don't have to retune more than 2 times
i takes me about 10 minutes because i'm always paranoid i might do something wrong or hurt the guitar!
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