I'm wanting to switch out the stock pickups in my Jackson King V, and I'm strongly considering dropping a Bill Lawrence L-500XL in the bridge...not sure about the neck pickup yet, thinking about a lawrence L-500. Anyone have any experience with them, any suggestions?
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Well, I got the Bill Lawrence L-500XL, and it sounded awesome, and then later put in the L-500R in the neck (which is the recommended match, I think), but I think I messed up the wiring. The output seems to have dropped a lot and they're kind of muddy. Before then though, the bridge kicked ass. I'll get back to you if I fix it.
I currently have an old LSR L-500L in the bridge and a Gibson 490R in the neck of my Ibanez rg-570 and love the combo (There's an OBL 450R in the middle, but I have it wired so I can have neck and bridge together).

I have just purchased an L500R for the neck to try out, so looking forward to that.

I had a BLUSA L-500XL before in the bridge and it was pretty sweet as well (better than the stock pickups), although the L-500L is working out better (not sure if that L500XL pickup was 100% okay, the L-500L seems to have more output. The L500XL was overpowered by the Gibson pickup, while the L500L is not. Thats what I get for buying used I guess).

Keep us posted
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I'm buying the l-500xl for my Jackson project I was going to buy a l-500l for the neck but I got a great offer on an ecolution neck pickup
This is the onlyy place I would buy them dirrectly form Bill and Becky heres a link
theres four different kinds and every one except for the extra lead is reccomended for the neck
the L-500Clean / L-500Regular / L-500Lead / L-500eXtraLead
Get A Seymore Duncun SH-59 its the same set up as dime used and when you go to install the l500xl make shue you flip it upside down or it will sound thin and flat! its what dime did!
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I think he only had the 59 because it was stock and he didn't use the neck enough to change it out. I've had many people tell me to flip the l500xl upside down i dont think it will do anything but I will do it.