Hey guys, check out my band, All I Can Say.

We know we suck but its a heck of a lot of fun so gosh darn we're gonna keep playing no matter what you say.

Feel free to add us as friends if you enjoy the music and also feel free to say we are too much like blink and suck and are probably gay.

Oh i almost forgot, www.myspace.com/allicansayrock

thanks for any feedback everyone!
thanks for the feedback homies, i'll deffinitely give you some feedback if you take the time to listen to my band. Thanks alot everyone.
well its nothing special. i think a some ppl may agree with me when i say that its all been done before. maybe its just not my taste in music but the whole blink 182 and new found glory thing is just dead and annoying.

just keep doing what you wana do
*listens to Heroes

Man, that snare drum sounds terrible. I agree with pooingtons as the intro is too long. I couldn't help but laugh at that high pitch guy singing. It's pretty bad. The melody is pretty poorly written also. Instead of worrying about "what scale does ______ play" and "Check out my band!" UGers need to take some classes in Arranging! >(

I had to turn this off after about a minute. Who the hell mixed this? I seriously hope you didn't pay someone for this...or expect anyone to pay money to hear this.
I was once heavily prominent on these forums from 2004-2007, let's see how long I can stay now that I'm back.
haha thanks guys. We don't really worry about what scale etc to be totally honest, we just play to have some fun. To soothe your worries, we did not pay anyone to make these tracks, we made them ourselves, spending no money and using no high tech equipment. We were actually pretty happy with the fact that its better quality than most high school band demos. If its not your thing then don't hesitate to tell us that we are terrible; fortunately for us, there have been plenty of people who's thing it still is.

Also, I am indeed that high pitched boy. :'(.

p.s. pooingtons- your stuff is pretty nice i must admit. keep up the good work.