This amp, right here:

Is it a good deal for the money? I mean, I'm looking for a cheaper tube amp, like around $500-600 CAD. I'll be playing metal and other high-gain music, so is there a way to turn an amp like this into a metal-suited amp?
any tube amp under 600 is a good deal lol and the metal thing just use pedals mabey a proco rat distortion on the distortion channel
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getta jc90
twin reverbs or their knock offs arent good metal amps
but a good clean amp for metal is the JC90 or JC120 but theyre solid state
but it is possible to get that and metal it up
but its old and it might break

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Lawl, a Fender based amp for metal.

You're better off saving up + going used, buddy.

EDIT: try ebay and look for Peavey's, preferably the XXX and the 5150.
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