At christmas i got a recording tool. Some of you have probably heard of it, it's called a Line 6 Tone Port KB37. The only issue i have is connecting it to my computer. Basically this is how i have it. My guitar hooks into the guitarport and then the guitarport into my mic input in my computer. The problem is i can barely hear my guitar on my computer. The only way i can really hear it is when i crank my speakers as loud as they go. And even then the quality is junk. I was wondering if im going to need a preamp or something. I thought the tone port would be good enough to make the sound quality nice but maybe im wrong. If any of you can tell me my problem i'd be gratefull.
Well. Thats becasue your soundcards poo, it wasnt designed to go into a PC soundcard. Well it was and it can do like but, its more usefull if it goes into speakers or an amp on clean for example, tbh ive had the same fuss with wanting it to come out speakers, in the end i just use gd headphones. much prefer it tbh.
Well i tried connecting it in a different plug in the back of my computer, not too sure which one it is, but the sound came out of one of my speakres and the quality was nice and it worked perfectly. This is what puzzles me a bit because when i have it plugged in this slot i cant record.
^^ not really.

your mic input level maybe too low... adjust it in the volume properties.
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