Has anyone made an amp from a schematic from ax84?

If you have, what model, and/or mods you did and the total price for building and how difficult was the build?

I am trying to see if it is a good investment to buy all the parts or to just buy the amp kit.

Any other opinions and suggestions welcome.
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No one built anything designed on ax84?

(Btw this is bumpage >.>
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Somebody has, but I don't remember who.

I've built amps though. I don't think it will be to hard if you take your time and learn some about electronics first so you know how do avoid killing yourself, and so you can tweak it.

For parts it really depends on what sort of parts you buy.
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ax84 amps are really good for beginners if you haven't done much work with electronics before. They are still as dangerous as other tube amplifiers, but the ax84 community is really great when it comes to helping people. If you do decide to go ax84 i would recommend getting your amp chassis pre-punched, because this saves a lot of time as it is punched to the specifications of the layouts that are available.