WELL, i put threads up about my solos like twice in the pit, and each time, some fag reported it and got it closed because its was in the wrong .. place .. or whatever. Its spose to be in riffs and recordings forum. So now i'm trying, and i better not get bitched at about it. well anyway, yea, A7X beast and seize solos i did. Been playing about a year. not bad I think. tell me what you think. Comments- - ratings- woouldn't mind.

Beast and the harlot:

Seize the day:

I'm thinking about trying the wicked end solo next, If you kno the song by them. Sounds harder than beast and the harlot ... WELL its not THAT hard
can't say im an a7x fan but of the songs i've heard i can only stand the 2 you covered. you did a good job and i was shocked you nailed those chromatics because you have only been playing for a year. nice job. and good job on seize the day. sweep picking after a year? impressive.
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