What would you guys say is the best...



EDIT: i mean which model is the best for each of these
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Chorus- EHX Small Clone
Delay- Fulltone tube tape echo
Distortion- that really depends on what youre looking for
OD- same as above but the Maxon OD-808 is usually a good bet.
Phaser- tie between MXR phase 90 and EHX Smal Stone
Flanger- MXR Flanger
Wah- Crybaby with a fasel inducer and modded for true bypass
i dont use octaves so i have no idea
reverb- the reverb tank in a fender twin reverb from the 60s

by the way, i wont choose a best effect they all have uses.
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if you had to choose one?
dist or OD i guess

maybe if i could choose 3

honorable mention: phaser

delay and reverb together cuz if you use a delay pedal you can getta reverb tone outta it
and dist/OD together cuz theyre diff but similar

oh i get the question now

dist-muff pi or pro co
OD-TS9 or ts808
wah- vox clyde mccoy
phase- 90 or 100
delay- gigadelay
reverb- ive used the fender reverb tube unit they sell for a little and didnt have a problem alotta people do though. any reverb from fender
flange-the AD/DA flange basically impossible to find its TRUE flanger
chorus- dunno dont use it
tremolo- i added this i think but there is no good tremolo except the twin reverb vibrato or a leslie speaker cabinet

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If you meant which is the best out of that list, I'd go with a wah and an overdrive. Vox V847's a good bet for your wah pedal.
overdrive/distortion (I assume over 90% of this forum plays rock music)
wah comes in second, and maybe a little reverb here and there.

Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Standard Plus
Marshall JCM 800 half stack
Chorus? No, thanks.
Delay? Fulltone Tube Tape Echo.
Distortion? Sola Tonebender....not a distortion I guess, oh well.
Overdrive? OC44 treble booster pushed hard.
Phaser? No such thing as a good phaser.
Flanger? Ditto.
Wah? Teese Picture Wah
Octave? Zvex Octane III
Reverb? Fender Tube reverb head unit.
Chorus - Boss Super Chorus
Delay - Boss DD-6
Distortion - Boss DS-1
Overdrive - Ibanez TS
Phaser - MXR Phaser
Flanger - Not sure
Wah - Dunlop Crybaby From Hell
Octave - Digitech Whammy/Boss Supershifter
Reverb - Not sure
Chorus I use a Roland JC120 but for a pedal Visual Sound H20
Delay Fulltone Tape Echo is awesome i prefer the simple Boss though
Distortion I use the amps so i dont know the Jekyl and Hyde is nice
Overdrive Maxon OD-808 owns all
Phaser MXR Phase 90
Flanger MXR Flanger
Wah VOX 847 or Crybaby rack
Octave Not a fan im gonna say Whammy IV
Reverb Dont use it i have no idea

Hope that helped
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Chorus + Delay = Deluxe Memory Man. Expensive pedal, but at least it does both these things. Also like the Small Clone.
Overdrive - TS-808
Flanger - Electric Mistress
Wah - V847/848

Only commented on what I liked enough to own.
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