It's cool, Reminds me of the beginning part in the song "In The Evening" by Zeppelin

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Quote by echofreak
i was waiting for the sweet solo but it never came..

Yeah sorry to disapoint but i am a newb so it was simple for my first recording. but thanks for the reviews and keep em coming.
ya it's got a pretty nice vibe, kinda middle easternish. sure wish it was longer than a minute though, i kinda expected it to build up to something huge. i suck at recording so i couldn't find much flaws, just make it longer.

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It sounded pretty cool for the most part,,,,,If I were you I'd hold back some on the 'verb though,,,,,it gave it more of an ethereal and hypnotic quality but it also made it lose some of the clarity that no doubt would've given it more urgency, if for example you were planning for it to lead to something else.
Yeah it is short. And i definetely overused the verb. I will probably tone down it a lot on next version.
I like the beginning. Very nice middle east vibe. But I thought the reverb and all that was just a intro. But it turned out to be the whole song.
You have a great idea for a intro, and you should try to come up with some heavy riffs without the reverb.