I want to try out my Peavey with my friends cab. The Peavey is rated at 16 ohms for an external speaker, but I don't know what rating the cab it. Is there a way to see what the ohms are on a cab? Also, what would happen if I plugged it into a cab lower than 16? Would it cause permanent damage to the amp or cab? thanks.
go boom.
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plus you'll be pissed off because your cab will be..
exploded to death.
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your cab esploded!!

check the speakers on the cab. it would be labeled on the back of them right?
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the cab will be fine, its the amp that will have problems, if you're lucky the fuse will blow first and nothing else will happen, but thats a pretty rare occurrence, in all likelihood the amps output transformer will blow and possibly the tube will blow too. Its not permanent damage but it'll be a few hundred bucks to get it fixed.
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