Seriously whats the diffrence because my amps says anolouge modeling on it but i thought it was digital. Confused
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im not 100% sure but here goes. some things are better digital and some are better analog. for nearly everything i can think of except guitar gear digital is better. it replicates the signal more precisely than analog. however, most people tend you like the imperfection of analog since many of their favorite musicians used analog gear and thats how you can get their tone. also, analog sounds more natural. most guitar products try to replicate the analog tone by using digital equipment. thats wat your amp is doing, its trying to model analog by using digital
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for almost all sound applications analog is better (except for hi-fi generally but some audiophiles still prefer records over CDs) analog modeling means its digital and is trying to replicate the sound of an analog whatever.
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Digital means that it uses chips that are programmed to do certain things. This makes the tones TOO perfect and not natural. They can sometimes sound fake. Analog Modeling is like what Roc said, its digital circuits modeling analog sounds.

Analog means that Semiconductor such as transistors and Opamps and IC Chips are used for different sounds. Tubes, diodes, etc.. are all used to create natural and real sounds.

An example of the difference is like most spring reverbs around are digital because analog spring reverbs require a whole spring reverb tank in order to work. These digital chips emulate how a spring reverb tank sound when your guitar goes through it and makes the springs vibrate, while the actual analog one uses the tank and has real vibrating springs.

analog usually means without computers, and digital signifies computers. digital means that it uses digits, eg ones and zeros, eg binary, eg computers. analog uses actual manipulation of an electric current.
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