hey guys I dont know how many of you are familiar with that song, but it sounds really orchestra like. How do they get that sound? I don't think they are using an ebow are they? what effects do they use? thanks guys. heres a link if you dont know what song im talking about:
first video:
EBow effect pedal.
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The violin sound is...

wait for it...

a violin. It's from a backing track, it's no magic effect Roope is using. Turn your left speaker away and listen to your right. You will hear the tapping licks over the backing track. To get the sound dial this into your amp:

Gain: 8
Bass: 7
Mid: 4
Treble: 9
Reverb: 8-10

There is nothing more to it.
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yeah, that violin tone is either a violin or a keyboard. Alexi just doubles it with his normal rig, and the combination is cool
...isn't Alexi also in Synergy
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its half children of bodom because alexi laiho is playing in the video. I said by children of bodom cause alexi laiho is in the video. I realized it was originally synergy.

Alexi was one of the founding members of Sinergy along with Kimberly Goss. So yeah Alexi is in Sinergy along with Roope who replaced their old gutiarist who the name I cannot call upon right now.
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