I cannot seem to come up with riffs and songs. Ive read all the articles on it, but I just cant get it. Can anyone suggest patterns or combinations of flats sharps w.e to help me out? Thanks.
Experiment with different chord patterns or scales. It's great to write sub-par songs first to get used to writing songs and melodies. (A good example would be to use C - G - Am - F, write vocal melodies, breakdowns, and a guitar solo [remember, it just has to be a song, not a good one])
For soloing, you can write cool stuff with out being fast, so just study up on theory for that. One thing I've been using a lot lately is appregio of the last chord played.
So if the chord progression is...lets say...G, C, Am, Em, repeat, then as soon as Em ended and G starts, You play the notes that make up Em (E, G, B),
so it could be something like.....
b----------------------------------------Very Basic...
then when it switches to C, you play the notes that make up G (G, B, D), ect.
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