So my friend, a while ago, got me totally hooked on Battlestar Galactica. With Edward James Olmos, it HAS to kick ass. Recently, I decided to look into The Lost Room, because when I saw previews for it, I thought it looked badass. I was totally right. I almost skipped classes because I wanted to watch more. The miniseries was incredible, and I'm pumped about rumors of a series being started from it.
After that, I needed more Sci Fi. So I checked out 4400. I just watched all of Season 1. Just today. It was ****ing epic. Season 2 is in download mode so don't give anything away.

But I'd just like to ask who else watches these and agrees with me? And maybe somebody could suggest more miniseries/series to watch from there that you think I'd enjoy. Not movies, Sci Fi for some reason can't make a decent movie. Or just discuss BSG or Lost Room. Not 4400, because I'm not done yet.

Also, I recommend anyone with an attention span and a thirst for supernatural and suspense to check these out. They are beyond awesome.
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Ohh, but I wanted to complain about how laughably crap SciFi's movies are!

On topic, you know what else was a good show on SF? Mystery Science Theater 3000. GOD! I wish they hadn't cancelled that show...
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