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15 31%
Vintage Sunburst
33 69%
Voters: 48.
I got an Epi Sheraton II for xmas but it wasnt the color that I originally wanted since guitar center didnt have that color in stock. Well, they have it in stock now and im wondering what you all think i should do, keep my current guitar (natural):

or get the vintage sunburst one?

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I voted to keep the one you have, but I like the tabacco burst better myself.
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The sunburst looks cooler, but if your current one plays well you should just keep it.
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The sunburst looks cooler, but if your current one plays well you should just keep it.

Thats what I was going to say.
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oooh that looks nice. It made me put all my early Beatles stuff on.
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I preffer the natural. If I had a Sheraton II, it would be a natural one.
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I like the one you have I think its the lighting that makes the pickguard look brighter than it is. Also, the sunburst look feels way too common to me, the natural look is way more uncommon with hollowbodies, and IMO quite underrated :P
i like yours probably more even though i voted vintage sunburst. But yours looks unique
Natural. Best looking colour on a Sheraton, EVER.

I think the Sunburst ones look too dark, and a bit tacky.
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I like the one you have natural looks nice.

Think of it this way loads of people are going to have the other one your one is going to stand out more, like my Trans Amber Les Paul every one buys Cherry burst, but not me.
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The natural one looks better... I've never liked semi-hollows with anything other than natural finishes.
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Personally id go for natural. But it's your decision dude, noone can tell you which one is better, it's a matter of preference
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