Here's the deal. My new Valveking 100 stack has almost exactly the tone I want. I just need a little more punch out of it. I need an Overdrive that has definition and clarity without being brittle or shrill, fullness without being muddy, excellent punch and attack clarity, and minimal noise. I like to shred, so I can't stress the importance of it not just disintegrating into mud and slosh at high volumes. Let me repeat again, I love the tone of my amp, i just need a good booster that won't color the tone too much either. What say ye? Should I go Tubescreamer? Or is there a better option for what I want?

And another question, how hard/costly is it to modify a pedal and give it true bypass??
if you want something thats completely transparent the keeley katana boost is awesome, it will push your tubes harder without coloring your tone. an overdrive like the tubescreamer will color your tone but it will still let the characteristics of your amp shine through. id suggest a maxon OD-808 for that actually.

and modding pedals to be true bypass is very easy usually (unless its a digitech or something with a weird switch on it thats mounted directly on the PCB) all you have to do replace the switch and do a little wiring. but IMO depending on the pedal you dont always need true bypass if the buffer is good enough, and un things like tubescreamers the buffers are awesome and theres little point to modding it.
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So Would the TS-9 Do some extreme coloring Mr. Kid? or is the Keely worth forking out those extra few? I'm kind of lost between the two. Could you just get the TS-9 to just basically add gain and volume without completely changing the tone?
you can get a pretty clean boost with the ts-9, there are other clean boosters too, i think seymour duncan makes one called the boosta grande or something thats a lot cheaper than the keeley. the keeley is just the best one ive played because it has shitloads of extra gain.
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You know what? I've looked into the Katana, and it looks seriously like exactly what I'm looking for. I had a look at it on musicians friend before writing this, but I quickly dismissed it for some reason. This thing looks seriously excellent and I'm all excited about it now. Thank you for the help.