Has anyone ordered anything from ups and tracked it online? Ive ordered a lot of things

before and usually they're upadated. But this time the package im supposed to be

receving (a new fender showmaster) hasnt been updated since the 11th and im

supposed to get it tomorrow. So the tracking info is useless. THis happen to anyone?

Did they lose your package or did you get it
I've never had anything lost with UPS..they probly just didn't update it or something. Or the truck crashed.
At first I thought the thread was going to be about how you can't jump very high. Aint got da mad ups, homez. Apparently I was mistaken.

No idea about the actual thread. Sorry, bud.
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speaking of which,i orderd a shirt from shirthunt,and never got it,waste of 20 bucks,this was back in september,i only order from muscians friend,and stuff from airsoft places now,and UPS will prob tell whats going on if you e-mail them