i've recently been working on Instrumedley, by Dream Theater, and all was going pretty well, but for a couple parts, it seems like i cant pick fast enough. Could anybody give me some good tips on how to speed this up, even if its just gradually? like, i know i cant force it on myself, but how would i go about speeding up my hand? I know that relaxing my hand helps, and every once in a while i'll get it, but its never consistant.


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As good ol JP says, use ze metronome.

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Yeah, like most any good guitarist will tell you, use the metronome.

And of course, just practice, practice, practice. I find that if I try and play the same fast section over and over again, my ears and my brain become numb to it and it always sounds shitty. So I'll practice fast sections a few times and go on to something else, then back to the fast section later.
if there's a part you can't play, just set the metronome at the top speed you can comfortably play it.

then incrementally (as in, no more than a 5bpm increase) speed up, making sure always that you can comfortably at the current speed before increasing again.

and sooner or later, you'll be mr john petrucci.

also, do the same thing with scales. scales are one of the building blocks of music, and if you can play scales at a decent speed, your playing as a whole will improve.
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