I'm not sure weather to get a good single effect pedal (i.e Dunlop Crybaby) or a somewhat questionable multi-effect such as the Korg AX5G. Does anyone have any reasons why I should or shouldn't get one of these?
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i've recently switched over to single and i don't know why i ever used multies.
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if you havent been playing for a long time, multi effect pedal, just to get your feet in the water

if you have been playing for a little while, maybe 2-3 years or so, i say go for single effect pedals
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Ya, multi effect suck ass IMO. My zoom sucks, you cant use one effect without having it with distortion, so i cant use my boogies onboard distortion becasue it feedbacks like hell. and if i use it on my clean channel the OD and the effects sucks.
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I myself am thinking about spending $350 on a Boss GT-8 once I get a tube amp. Alot of multi-fx suck, but some pedalboards (Boss GT series, Line 6 Podxt) are good for the price.
In contrast, I've been playing for nearly 12 years, I've owned a few tubes amps and pedals in my time as well as set up rigs using digital rack and analog floor components, and I can tell you a decent digital effects device set up properly can do everything you ask of it and more. It took a long time for me to realize, because I was a total tube/analog snob for a very long time. The question really comes down to your commitment to learning the device and taking the time to understand it. I currently use a Boss GT-8 with a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and I could not be happier with my sound. This setup came about after I got fed up with my Twin Reverb and huge pedalboard setup that just couldn't deliver what I needed. So I ditched the mothership floorboard and brick house amp and went with the GT-8 and smaller tube amp. I look forward to using the GT with the Roadster that's coming any day now.

If you are really looking for a multi effects unit that can deliver great tone and can won't sound horrible to you as you advance in your playing, then invest in quality. The GT-8 is a great unit, but I've had experience with the POD and GNX3000, and they are pretty good as well (just didn't sound good enough for me though). There are so many more possibilities once you get past the GT-8/POD/GNX price bracket though. TC Electronics G-Major is outstanding, and the G-Force is even better, although they both are a major step up in terms of price and quality. The G-System is a wonder, and I'd be shooting for one right now if it could only perform channel switching on the Roadster (maybe I'll look into a MIDI switching system to help aid my jones for the G-System, who knows).

Whatever you decide, do your research and do what you feel is best for you, because no one else can really tell you what is going to define your sound, which is the goal you should be shooting for to begin with anyway.