I just started playing some more bluesier stuff on a sidenote from learning like a million Lamb of God/ other heavy metal songs, and wow. I just feel it so much more. Improv and all that jazz just comes so much nice and cooler.

I think I'm opening up some new doors here, gimme some good blues songs to learn on the guitar. I wanna see where this goes.

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Moving from heavier stuff, I'd think SRV (stevie ray vaghn (sp?)) would be best to move to. He's more agressive than most blues artists.

There's plenty more, but Im lazy.
i dont know what kind of blues you are into but anything by stevie ray vaughn its just great
Yes, the blues is awesome. I think that in blues/jazz, you can express yourself with your music a lot more. I recommend listening to some artists like SRV, who's more of high-energy texas blues, or some older artists like Robert Johnson (Slide Delta Blues), B.B. King, Albert King, T-Bone Walker, Buddy Guy, or even Jimi Hendrix, whose blues works are pretty good.
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12 bar blues is a pattern by which a majority of blues music (and to a smaller degree, jazz music) is based on.

the pattern is

1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 4 - 4- 1- 1- 5- 4- 1- 5

to give you an example, in C the 12 bar blues would be

C - C- C- C- F- F- C- C- G- F- C- G

(each letter/number being 1 bar)
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zeppelin has some blues based songs like Since I've Been Loving You
Clapton is the man if it comes to blues. well... maybe rock blues.
Allman Brothers Band is great too.

i got some recordings in my sig of some blues. (some aren't)
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You can do better than Clapton for blues, IMHO. Muddy Waters, Robert 'effing' Johnson, Howlin Wolf is just....Yes, he is the one. Albert Lee. Oh take your pick!

When it comes to your influences, I suggest going to THEIR influeces first. Try and get the raw source, then when you are ready go back to them to really see what they are coming from.
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I have no idea why people recommend Robert Johnson to people just getting into Blues. Even Clapton who is like, the world's biggest Johnson fan says that Johnson's someone you work back to.

Anyhoo, I recommend blues-rock like Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zep (to an extent), then heavy Blues like SRV, and then people like John Lee Hooker, B.B. King and Howlin' Wolf as the most accessible to rock fans.
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lol, the same sort of move happened with me.

One of the prefects in my houseroom had brought a classical guitar and my tutor asked him to play something. He said "what should I play?" and my tutor told him to do some bluesy/jazzy stuff.

I knew that this prefect played guitar, but I didnt know how good. He started playing this beast of a solo, perfectly serenly and with no mistakes. I was pretty taken aback.

But it really made me realise how nice blues and jazz are, and how much more freeform you have compared to other genres.

Of course, I still have my old preferences, Shred and Classic Rock are the main ones, but now I really want to buy a blues album from the 50s or something.
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