I got a new Roland Cube 60 for christmas, and while i've been playing guitar for a while i'm finding all the amp controls befuddling ><
i'd appreciate some help on explanations of the different amp settings, for example: Bass/Middle/Treble, prescence, the tone knobs on your guitar and how they affect your tone...
which combinations of these settings will give me which kinds of distortions?
all help's appreciated.
The Bass/Mid/Treble are your equalizers, or EQ. They boost or cut whatever the knob says. If you want a bassy, low-ended tone, turn up the bass. If you want the high notes to pop out, turn up the treble. If you want the sharp, (honky?) mids, well guess what.
I don't know what prescence is off the top of my head... gain? volume?
The tone knob doesn't do much. Up (10) is your guitar's good sound. Down cuts the treble and makes it bassy. Good for clean I guess.

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