I want you pickups for my P-Bass, something suitable for:
-Green Day

And basically any other genre, we're mainly going to play those 3 stuff...

I was looking at the Seymour Duncan Antiquity Pride II Pickups (but wasn't sure if they were good for RHCP and Metallica) and then the Quarter Pounds. Are there sound clips available?
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Definetly go with the Quarter Pounders.

+1 they are awesome pickups, i'm thinking about some for my p-bass too
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There is a slight problem with the quarter pounder if you're playing RHCP. Flea uses a "softer" sounding bass (most prominent on Stadium Arcadium). The quater pounder give the bass more attack and volume, it's a very good pickup for punk, metal, and harder rock. But I wouldn't suggest it for RHCP.

I don't have any experiance with Antiquity II pickups, so I can't really help you there. Sorry.