imo this would fit perfectly in a Zelda cinematic.
The mood was perfect for the moment where the hero has saved the princess. They are staring into each others eyes and at the end, embrace. Beautiful work.
...I wouldn't change a thing.
that was excellent, it would fit perfectly with a RPG game. I really liked the harmonised arpeggios in bars 18-21, they were very effective. And the chords you used in bars 9-17 were just perfect, i loved it, it sounds very RPG'ish. Only problem i had though (very minor problem though ) was how many bass notes you used in bar 5, maybe you could tie the two C's on the A string and use a legato slide for the D to F on the D string, this sounds a bit better IMO.

Really great job, i thouroughly enjoyed it, would you mind critting my instrumental song (link in the sig) please?