What's up UG'ers?

I was all bored 'n shit last weekend, so i made a youtube account... (well, technically i've had it for a while, just never uploaded anything onto it... but thats neither here nor there), so i stuck a few jammin' videos on it... most of them involve me bein' pretty wasted... hah, but a couple are with my buddy that plays drums, and a couple just with me... check 'em out if you're interested and let me know what ya think... so far theres me and a buddy (who'se pretty rookie... but he means well, and he's doin alright, hah) jammin machinehead by bush, and comin' home by city and colour... then theres a couple old dookie tunes, with drums... and me ****ing up 'rockstar' by nickelback.. since i was dared to learn it, hah.. anyways, im rambling... enjoy.