does anyone know any good things to work on while in class (i'm in college) that are helpful to understanding theory, fretboard, etc.? Any ideas would be excellent and very appreciated!
You really should pay attention in class. But if you can't, You could pick a chord, Bm9 for example, and write out a few scales that contain the notes of Bm9. If you still have time, figure out which scales have just the 3rd, 7th, and 9th in common. Something like that might pass the time a little quicker.
Sometimes when im bored at work ill pick a song n then figure out what key its in. Depending on the complexity of the song it my or may not test your theory knowledge. But it will help you to memorise the fretboard cos say if theres a chord something like x799xx youll have to think to yourself wat note is A string, 7th fret...ummmm...E.
honestly, playing guitar in my head actually helps my physical playing. if a song is confusing and i take it slowly in my head, it will improve and once i get on my guitar ill know where every note is.

sometimes i write out scales and chords and stuff too