I've been looking to buy a electric guitar for a while now. Im not really sure what to get since I just recently started looking at electric guitars so i really do not know very much about them. I was thinking of a Epiphone Les Paul and fender strats but cant decide on which to get. please tell me what i should know before buying..
i've got an american strat and its definitely good for bright clean rock like clapton and hendrix and without to much distortion does an ok job at nirvana. it's definitely a blues guitar. i think i paid about 350 for mine gve or take, its been a while so i could be wrong.
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Go to guitar center or your local music emporium and play as many guitars as you can. The one that you keep coming back to, thats the one to buy.
Judging by the bands you like and the music you play, you my like a strat or something modeled after a strat but really if you want to know the difference between guitars just try the guitars you like at the music store and you'll find something you like,Guaranteed.
yeh Im planning to go to a music store this weekend... also what kind of pick up and pick up configuration should i look for???

also thanks for clearing up things..appreciate your help..