So I thought it'd be good to share playing "tips", that is, ideas to help expand playing that are practical, i.e. not "Play from you're heart" which is good to say, but doesn't help a whole lot. I'll start off with some of my favorites.

When Going I7 to IV7, I enjoy playing a minor pentatonic phrase for the one, shifting it up two frets and repeating it exactly, so that it's a major pentatonic lick for the IV. If i'm playing off the 3rd fret for G (I) like so:

e --------3-----------
b -----------3--6b8-
g --5b7--------------
d ---------------------
a ---------------------
E ---------------------

then go up two frets for the C (IV) and play it as a major pentatonic lick

e --------5------------
b -----------5--8b10-
g --7b9---------------
d ----------------------
a ----------------------
E ----------------------

It works real nice, in my opinion. It also is real nice to do in reverse for a I7-V7 movement.

Or if I'm going in 3rd form licks, I enjoy repeating it over the change from I-IV for a different feel.

In G again:

e -----------------------10------------------
b ----------8---10b12------12rb10p8---
g --/8h9------------------------------------
d --------------------------------------------

and then repeat over C

this also feeds nicely into the A shape stuff if you go to the VI or vi...

anyone else?