Hey people i just bought a Gibson Faded V in Satin Ebony. I got a problem though, the neck on it seems........rough. Like its not unfinished or anything, or too rough that its hurting me to play, its comfortable but not like my LTD or my Les Paul. The LTD and Les Paul have finished necks and compared to the V, theres a huge diffrence. On the LTD and LP i can slide much faster up and down the neck.

Is there a way i can put something on the neck of the V so it can be more smooth? Im not a really good sander so anything that doesnt require that would be wicked.
Its not really that rough at all. Just compared to my LTD and Paul, they make it feel like it is. I know its the faded finish, but damn.......thats a huge difference in playability.
use some 2500 grit steel wool buffing pad, that will smooth the finish. it will be slightly dulled finish, but smooth.
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