So I want some good strings because the ones that came with my bass where in bad shape. I can get DR's for $20 but for $15 more I can get Elixers which are suppose to last longer. Any advise on what I should choose? Is one of them smoother to touch because that would be cool and I heard that the long life elixers have a special coating to give it that feel.
Elixrs do, but they seem to be a lot noisier on the fretboard for me. i.e. you'll hear a "CLANK" when you fret a note. Maybe my frets aren't worn in enough, but i'm warning you that does happen. Nice sounding/playing strings though.
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My Ibanez came with Elixers (Ibanez has a deal with them) and they were great (I still have them stored away until I can get the rest of the parts required to make the Bass String Cleaning Tube ), but more recently I got some DRs - Lowriders (Heavy) and they were without a doubt THE BEST strings I has ever tried/played.

One thing though is they are good, but you pay for that quality (my Mum was a bit shocked at the price when I got them for my birthday last year ), so its up to you - but you can be sure that you'll be happy with either brand.