I just got my new RBX170 bass guitar in a combo pack 3 weeks ago and I love it but I was moving it upstairs and I kinda scuffed it on the sharp edge of a table. Its not noticeable at all really but you can feel the damage a little bit and that annoys the hell out of me. It was only on the bottom part of it where the cord goes in but still... 3 weeks and theres already a scuff. I was planning on selling this after a few months or maybe a year to help buy me a better bass. Is there a way to make it smooth again? btw its finish was black and the scuff didn't scrap off the color at all
Its fine. My bass is torn to hell and i still use it but im getting a new one REAL soon.
Don't worry about it if it doesnt affect the sound, I brought my warwick with some scuffs on the underside (got 30% off for it though ) But really it doesn't matter unless the sound is hurting
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I did exactly the same thing with exactly the same bass! It sucked, i was really really pissed off but im not so bothered any more, i try to take more care of my fender though
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