so im sitting in my room with my epiphone les paul sitting in my lap, thinking about how awesome it is, and i begin to wonder..."how could i make it even BETTER?'
only one answer could be found...golden hardware and pickups.

but i decided to come here to ask the masses what thy thought about this idea first, because really im on the fence about the whole idea, and am wondering if i should just let it be.

SO what do you think and about how much would it cost you think?
(if i do it, im not skimping on the pickups, but midrange other stuff, i can live with)

if you wanna see it:

its the ebony one.
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My two cents here, I really love gold hardware, makes it look very classy.

I say it's up to you man, you have to get gold tuners, brindge, pickup covers.

I say it won't cost you more than 100-150 if you maybe get it installed from someone else.

EDIT: Just realized you didn't care for the covers.
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well golden gotoh bridge ,golden grovers 18:1 for the golden hardware , and since it's a les paul Burstbuckers pro's golden maybe? though pickups are a personal choice , most will come with an option for golden cover
Get a gold switch, jackplate, bridge and stoptail from guitar fetish, and some gold grover machineheads. Shouldn't cost that much really.

Then get some gold covered pickups. This will be the most expensive bit.
i think you have to be careful with gold hardware, as it can look tacky. What colour's your guitar?
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Gold hardware really only looks good with black/ebony, white or blue guitars
Well, if you want to invest more money in that guitar and you're planning to keep it, then I say go for it. I love golden hardware.