I am currently borrowing a practice amp untill I can actually buy my own... I REALLY like the roland series of cubes mostly because of the built in effects which would save me bundles as far as not having to buy certain pedals. I am currently borrowing the 15 wat one.. Now my birthday is in a bit less than a month... Now I want ether a Roland 20x or a 30x cube... I am leaning towards the 20x because its cheaper and has ALL the same effects that the 30x does, the only difference being is that the 30 is 30 watts instead of 20..

I don't have the money to spend on a huge amp right now, but is it worth spending the extra money to get the 30 is there that big of a difference between 20 and 30 watts? As far as a amp I would be playing at home for just me...
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I just, like 4 days ago, got a Cube 30X. I'd say get that just cause of the wattage. I love mine, alot more than my "electricution" amp.
Are the Roland 20x and 30x like the 15, in that you can plug into an external speaker to get more volume ?

I have the Roland 15 micro cube that has rec out/ aux so you can run it through a PA or whatever.

Just looking at different options with a budget in mind.
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I am pretty sure you can't plug it into an external speaker yes... The thing is that later on I would probably still have to get a better amp to play in a gig... 30 watts would probably not get close to gig ready most likely.. Course if there are options to make it able to do that... hehe.
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the more watts the better when you are at such a low wattage, but that's just my opinion.
I have a cube30!!! It's a very nice amp!!! Get the 30,cause if you buy the 20 you will regret it!!!

PS: Don't forget to get a FS 6,its really nice
get the 30 itl sound better than the 20..

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Quote by bodomfan666
get the 30 itl sound better than the 20..

says the guy with the line 6 spider..
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Quote by A7XRemenissions
says the guy with the line 6 spider..

soo, just because he has a shit ass amp, hes not allowed to have an opinion?

dont be such a close minded ****, would you?

Just because his amp isnt the best, doesnt mean he cant voice his opinion on the Cube 20X and 30X

I woudl go for the 30X out of those too, but i plan to save for a Cube 60, just to have the extra wattage
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