I like to play a lot of hard rock and metal, and I also like to play Nirvana (distortion madness). But, I've been missing one thing, a pedal! I've never used one before, but I do know how it works. You change the settings, then you step on it! :P I was just wondering, what's a good pedal for distortion. I don't really know any good brands, but I knew you can't go wrong with a Boss. So I looked around and...

Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal
(yes, I'm Australian :P)

Is this a decent pedal, or should I go for something a bit better? I don't want something like uber high-end, just something average and will provide me good distortion without destroying my sound.
If you're going to be playing metal as well, go with the Boss DS-2. It has more gain and more versatility. Play with it a bit and you should be able to achieve both types.
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Well kurt himself use to use a Boss DS-2 so you'd get a sound nearly same as him.

I'd go play some at Allans (good store my fave). just chill back to you find one that matches you best.
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Ah, I'll probably get a DS-2 then, so that later on I don't have to replace the DS-1 for something better.

Also wondering, is it possible to put a pedal into a Fender Frontman 15R (in regards of the DS-2)? Last time I checked, there wasn't a pedal jack. D:
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Pretty noobish but thats cool.

So what you do is run one lead from the amps jack into the output jack of your pedal and then run a lead from the pedals input jack to your instrument.

easy as that

good luck
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*Peavey 6506
*Marshall 1960A Vintage
*Maton EA80C
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