Don't know why I'm posting it here, but anyway...last night I rimmed my girlfriend and today I found out that I may die because of it...

Rimming - verb -

1. the outer edge, border, margin, or brink of something, esp. of a circular object.
2. any edge, margin, or frame added to or around a central object or area.
3. the outer circle of a wheel, attached to the hub by spokes.
4. eating a bitches ass out.

Affectionately known as 'tossing the salad', rimming basically involves tonguing a girl's (or guy's if you're weird) ass out; the abnormal feeling adds to the sensation (supposedly, I'm no gay.)

So last night I'm eating my girls puss out; she's loving it as usual, moaning, pelvic muscles moving up and down, maneuvering her puss into different directions to match my tongues motions. It's great. Her enjoyment is increasing mine. So much so, I'm soon taking down my trousers while I start rubbing her clitoris and she's jerking me off. We're loving it. After a while she tells me to go inside her; I oblige and we fuck for a while. After I cum, I move my head down to her puss and start licking again, moving slowly downwards. Usually she'll say "don't" when she realises where I'm intending to go but last night she said nothing. I go further down, licking her perineum and tongue-fucking her puss, then move down to the shitter. I start to gently rotate my tongue round the outside of her butthole and she's moaning in delight; I then stick it a little further in but not that much; I mean, I wasn't tonguing no shit.

Anyway, that was basically it; I stuck my finger in for awhile and then we went back to her sucking me off or some shit.

So good night in all.

Then this morning I google "rimming" to find advice on the best, most pleasurable ways to rim the crap out of your girl. Unfortunately I'm met with health warnings instead, and begin to read all the different sites.



Supposedly, the unprotected tonguing of a ladies butthole can cause E.Coli to be transmitted (or whatever).

Niggas have died from E.Coli!

So basically I'm shitting myself. I don't know what to do. Apparently the symptoms appear about a week after the initial ass-to-mouth contact. I've now got to wait 6 days to find out if a nigga gon' die. Whatsmore, my girlfriend said as I was leaving last night "Tomorrow I'm rimming your ass a new hole" which at the time both turned me on and off; I like kinky shit like that. But now I'm crapping myself. I don't want to tell her my fears as she'll probably leave me, and believe me she's one hot bitch I don't want to be losing just 'cos I licked her asshole. But I don't want to die from eating an asshole.

So I need help. I need advice. I've brushed my mouth and with it, my tongue, 8 times since reading the websites. I've drank water as it supposedly helps when the diarrhoea kicks in. Unfortunately E.Coli isn't the only thing I could have catched; there's as assload of other diseases I could have caught.

I don't want to die from eating a girl's shitter; rock 'n' roll as it may be, it ain't the way for me.

- Toby
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Wear a condom on your tongue?
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Nasty, what'd taste like??

Shit yeah??

Wear a condom on your tongue?

I reckon you'd start gagging the rubber.

Quote by Alter-Bridge
Wear a condom on your tongue?

Yeah, in future (if I last that long) I will; but that doesn't help now...

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Nasty, what'd taste like??

Shit yeah??

As I said, I didn't go in that far; it tasted normal I guess. Like flesh, mixed with a bit of fart...