hi my name is louie and i have been playing guitar for about 4 years now. i can play just about anything. my favorite bands are things like killswitch engage, slipknot, bleeding through, and unearth. a lot of the originals sound somewhat like the genre that those bands would be in so i am looking to join a heavy band. i do write slow musical stuff as well that can sound like at amazing piece when you put it all together. i would like to join a serious band who's goals include playing live a lot, recording, and perhaps some day getting signed. i actually want to do something with my music and i promise to any band that picks me up i will not disappoint. if you are interested give me a call at (956)456-3068 or e-mail me at louie_creed@yahoo.com. laters.

Louie Alfaro
hey man, im a student of rusty cooleys and im looking to start a band,
my influences are trivum, nevermore, outworld, and unearth to name a few.
my last band broke up so ive just been sitting around writing music.
if you are interested, pm me or send me and e-mail at
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