Hey. I was wondering if it is safe to put my amp through a foldback speaker box i have at the moment. The amp is 100W as is the foldback. the amp is 8 ohms, but im not sure if the speaker is 8, as it has been scratched off purpousely by someone.

Anyway, help me out please .
you gotta check the impedance of the cab, take the back off and look at the speakers, they should all have impedance ratings on them, the impedance of the cab will depend on how the speakers are wired and what impedance they are im not good with explaining it but im sure theres someone here who can give you a good explination of how that works.
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Alright, i pulled the speaker out and it is 8 ohms. So that means it will handle the load fine, but will it sound good or is it voiced differently and will sound bad? I cant try it out now because it is night time.