Hello, I want to buy a new guitar amp for home record, with mic.
I d like a marshall , but i dont know which.
I dont care how loud it is, i want a good sound.
So , i need your help , if you have any idea
Price range? Style?
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I like marshall tone, and i could give around 450 $
i live in greece.
should i try tube amps, but i dont know a lot of things about them

They build clones of a bunch of different (and cool) amps including several Marshalls, Matchless, and Trainwreck (!!!). Great prices, Nick is a very good guy to deal with and they build good gear.
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^ That 18W'er looks appealing!

I was gonna suggest a ZVex Nano. Half a watt of pure tone, baby! Excellent for recording. Brand new, they come in right at the $450 mark, but you can find 'em on eBay for a little less if you shop.

I have one, and I absolutely love playing with it. Takes pedals great.

A little over your budget is the new Orange Tiny Terror, which currently sits atop my wish list. Switchable to 7W, also ideal for the studio.

A cheap, but maybe very effective option might be an Epi Valve Junior! The Official Mascot Amp of UG's GG&A page! 5W of tube tone, and again, very pliable with pedals. Easy to mod, if you're into that sort of thing. I have one of these, too, and find I can get a nice variety of sounds out of it with my various accessories. British voiced out of the box. Worth a look.
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Very good reccomendations! The 18 TMB from Ceriatone is apperently very good, Kerry (call1800kmyaz) has built one and it sounds great!
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a pignose will sound great for home recording, just put a piece of tape on the grill touching the pignose plate. it is very un-versatile, but Very orgasmic tone.

also, maybe a modded valve junior. Cheap, and easy to modify.
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