Guys i need help on this one.i am currently thinking of buying a guitar but i just dont know which of the 3(Peavey Tracer/IbanezRG550/Washburn Mercury) would be best.i have never own them before so i cant really compare.a little info on the guitars.

Peavey Tracer(USA made)
-(Used with some dents on the bottom)200USD
-24 frets
-floyd rose bridge
-made around the 90's
-dont have any idea how the neck feels

Ibanez RG550(Korean made)
-24 frets
-TRS trem(which is not very durable)
-also made around the 90's
-fast wizard neck

Washburn Mercury(Dont know where it is made)
-22 frets(would love if it was 24)
-floyd rose bridge
-dont know what year it is made
-dont have any idea how the neck feels
they all suck! get a ibanez rg1550 thats the best.
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I'd get the 550 and swap out the trem for an Edge Pro or OFR. And take off that stupid Apple sticker.
GuitarEvan07: i agree, heard a lot of good things about the wizard neck.but whats the difference between wiazrd & wizard II neck aside from the 2mm thickness? radius?...
nice website btw

NightmareXT: will i still have to route the guitar if i plan to change the trs to edge pro? and yes,that apple sticker NEEDS to be taken off!