Building a guitar as part of an HSC Design course, one of the things im looking at is a visual theme for the guitar. I figure i'll throw these in on the CAD models just to make it look awesome and i'll use the best one. So far the list is...
Norse: inspired by a swedish mate, raven skull headstock is pretty sweet, silver inlaid norse symbols on the fretboard and the body. Black matte finish, nickel hardware.
Autumn: doesn't sound very cool but definitely has a classic look to it. Birdseye maple top with a golden brown burst, maple binding, gold hardware, the f-holes are a sort of leaf/vine pattern.
Modern/Minimalist: gloss white finish, black hardware, black binding, geometric inlays and f-holes.

So what i'm asking from you, my brothers, the UG community is...ideas to rip off basically. And pass them off as my own in the hope of scraping a few extra marks, sorely needed. If you have a problem with me violating your intellectual property rights, be sure to make this clear.
The paintjob is definitely not for everybody, but do a search on Crash, the guy who painted 3 of Eric Clapton's Strats. It'll be more Attention \/\/horish than a vintage type color or finish Use those to make you think of different designs.

Good Luck!