what? random anyway we need more info and there are plenty of post on UG also try googling it there are loads there
Oh dear. You need to be a bit more specific. Because if you just want to paint a guitar black then get some black paint. But that obviously isn't going to give you anything near a good finish, so giving us some details about WHAT YOU ACTAULLY WANT TO KNOW.


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hi. i have a cheap blue strat. as i got a Jackson for xmas i want to repaint my strat. i want to doe a yellow and black Eddie Van Halen style. do i have to sand off all the old paint first?? and is their a certain kind of paint i use?? help would be apprecieated!!!

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To understand the basics of re-finishing, you should read:

Project Guitar Tutorials


ReRanch 101 - Finishing Basics

Read it 3X, then re-read 2X. Also, stick to 1 brand/family of finishing supplies for the primer/sealer, colorcoat, and clearcoat.

Here's a brief description for painting EVH's Frankenstrat. I couldn't find the one with lots of pics and details but you can google it.

To TS, provide more details where you need help.
thanks mate thats brilliant. cant wait for the customizing!!!!!!!!!!!